Teenager Dynamic ®

Answer to Parents’ Concerns About Teenage Students

A sudden drop in academic performance; a total loss of interest in studies; a marked change in behavior to sad, withdrawn, defiant or aggressive; addiction to gadgets and neglecting of school related tasks: these are some of the common problems of teenagers that parents are worried about. From being one of the top performers in class they begin to fall to the average or even to the lower ranks. Many parents panic . Some over-react and become violent; others resign to their fate thinking that this is what normally happens to all in teenage years.
Professional psychology has answer to these concerns regarding teenage students. It is not something you have to helplessly accept and live with. Psychology gives us valuable insights for diagnostically understanding the problem. Professional experience helps us to know

Teenager Dynamic
Is the answer if the following are your worries as parents:
 How to re-motivate your teenage son/ daughter who has lost interest in studies?
 How to stimulate and sustain interest in them ?
 How to help them set high goals that they pursue systematically?
 How to help them become well-organized and responsible?
 How to deal with their fear, anger, frustration, rebellion?
 How to enhance their Emotional Intelligence and social emotional learning?
 How to communicate assertively and speak in public without fear?
 How to help them make good decisions and use their freedom wisely?


“Teenager Dynamic” ® was created by psychologist Dr George Kaliaden back in 1994 as a comprehensive ( preventive / remedial) solution for teenage problems listed above. The intensive training and group counseling workshops have transformed many students to
happier, high achieving, well-adjusted youths.

Modules: Success Basics, Self-Motivation, Study Skills: Concentration, Memory etc.
Communication and Social Skills, Group Dynamics, Public Speaking, Emotional IQ, Freedom Management, Relationship Skills etc. Parents’ Workshop on Teenage Behavior management. 

Now in its 25 th year and 160 th workshop, we continue to achieve our training goals with 98% acceptance rating ( eager to recommend the program to friends) by participants. 70% of teenage participants rate the program as “excellent”. In our systematic program evaluation through 12 years, we have found 66% of participants reported “much improvement in skills like motivation, concentration, study skills, social skills etc. ( Reported in the book published by Palgrave Macmillan New York, 2015).

This is what professional psychology alone can offer to the discerning parents. Such results cannot be achieved by superfluous “showmanship” or super-aggressive marketing gimmicks of commercial establishments. It is professionalism that makes the difference. It takes a deep, diagnostic , psychological understanding of the problem situation and a combination of inter-disciplinary knowledge and various therapeutic skills and techniques like Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Cognitive Therapy, Learning Theory, Behavior Modification Techniques, Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Narrative Therapy , Poetry Therapy etc. Participants in
the program benefit from Dr Kaliaden’s 25 years of consulting / training/counseling experience. He was educated in top Indian and American Universities and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society of Clinical psychology (USA). He has his regular practice at We care Medical Centre Dubai and has been the student counselor of Middlesex University since 2005.

Here are some of the comments from participating teenagers:
“The program was everything powerful and totally and undeniably DYNAMIC” Liza Vaz (from Goa) BBA student, Center for American Studies.

“The program has made me more motivated in doing things. I also feel more confident in making decisions. Now I feel more interested in my school work.” Malcolm Smith ( from Scotland) MC student, English College, Dubai

“In the beginning I was really angry as I was forced by my parents to attend this program dying my short vacation trip to UAE. But when I got to know what was going on, believe me, its great, just too great. If I had a chance to attend this program before, I could have made my teenage life more enthusiastic, more colorful… It has been informative, interesting, self- motivating,… I really thank God and you, sir, and my parents for making this wonderful experience for me” Anly Antony (from Abu Dhabi) Medical Student in India.

Register for the next Camp: Call 050-6524285 (Whatsapp) or We Care medical Centre 04-2611061.


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