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Know about vaccinations

Vaccinations can protect your child from serious diseases caused by microorganisms. Vaccinations work by increasing the protected system’s capability to fight certain infections. The Vaccination Clinic In WeCare Medical Center helps your child’s immune structure to identify and fight particular germs so that when they are unprotected to them, he or she has a much minor risk of getting sick.

Your child’s immune system reacts to the antigens in the vaccine by making antibodies to fight the germs and memory cells to recall the germs in case they encounter them in the future. Vaccinations are given by injections, usually into the child’s upper arm.

Vaccination Dubai,Dubai,VaccinationSome vaccines for children need a series of doses to reach their full effectiveness. This is named a “primary series.” For some Vaccination s, a “booster” dose is needed months or years after the main dose to refresh the immune system’s memory and maintain protection. If your child slips a vaccine dose, they’ll need “catch-up” doses to safeguard that they are protected. Your child may also want a catch-up dose if a new vaccine suit available after your child has already conceded the age when it is usually given.

To get the maximum safety of Vaccination, your child needs to have all doses of the suggested childhood vaccinations on time. Talk to our WeCare Medical Centre professional about which vaccination your child needs and when they should accept them to get full vaccine coverage.

Vaccination is the essential things you can do for your child’s health. Childhood vaccinations can help care for your child from 13 infections that may reason serious illness:

    • pneumococcal disease
    • meningococcal disease
    • measles
    • mumps
    • rubella
    • influenza
    • hepatitis B
    • Haemophilic influenza type b
    • diphtheria
    • tetanus
    • pertussis (whooping cough)
    • polio
    • chickenpox
    • human papillomavirus infection

Make sure your child gets the best possible defence from their childhood vaccines – complete all vaccinations on time, and contact your child’s HCP if your child misses a vaccine appointment. Bring your child’s vaccination top score to Vaccination Clinics during your interview, and assured the HCP or nurse informs the record to show the vaccine dosages your child has already received. Schools usually require a copy of your child’s immunisation record, so store it in a safe place!

Vaccination Dubai

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